Our Services

Property Development Management

Do you require comprehensive management of your property investments? Het Kapittelhof manages your projects from A to Z. Our team has both the required legal, fiscal and construction expertise, and strong project management skills. You work with a single contact person for prompt answers to all your questions.


Optimisation of Property Assets

We will help you select the right trees from the forest of opportunities. What’s your profile and what implications does this have? Which investments are advisable? Do you sell now or wait just a little longer? Is it financially more advantageous to invest together with your children, or is this a bad idea? Het Kapittelhof considers all the aspects to provide well-founded advice.


Credit Intermediation

Need an independent advisor to negotiate a loan agreement? We’re eager to use our expertise to help finance your property acquisitions. Together, we will create a financial plan which won’t just greatly increase your chances with your bank’s Credit Committee, but also finds you the most suitable financing option and protects you from unanticipated risks. We support you during negotiations, so you can rely upon your financing being sorted properly, and we will handle the subsequent administrative requirements for you.


Advising on Acquisitions

Asset management companies can provide interesting opportunities and benefits. However, acquisitions and liquidations require careful attention. Het Kapittelhof has the necessary experience to ensure everything proceeds smoothly. Based on a clear screening and valuation process, we will create a plan for the acquisition and guide you through negotiations, agreements, legal obligations and financial transactions.



As independent directors, we can act as your advisors and representatives for projects for which you yourself lack the time or technical expertise required. In your name, we contribute our experience and knowledge to your projects, using our mandate to help make decisions to achieve your desired results.


Family Succession Issues

Family succession is often a special challenge due to the emotions involved. For these sensitive negotiations, an experienced neutral party is often the best way to create an optimal distribution without conflict. Thanks to our relevant experience, Het Kapittelhof is your ideal partner.


International Expertise

Many wonderful property development opportunities may be found abroad. They do come with their own special issues, however. As the majority of our portfolio has been managed abroad for years, this is again an area in which we can protect you from unnecessary risks and complicated, unfamiliar legal ramifications.

Het Kapittelhof will create a feasibility study of your intended projects. We then guide you in choosing the most appropriate construction for your subsequent investment. We can also take care of the administrative aspects of your foreign property investment for you. We attend any meetings, make decisions in consultation and provide prompt, clear reports on the state of affairs. We can manage the settlement after project delivery for you as well.



Owning investment property can be a cause of concern. Do you want to enjoy your property assets with confidence? As your steward, Het Kapittelhof will handle all administrative and financial management, relieving you of the daily concerns of ownership.